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Delivering Multiscreen Services – IPTV, ABR and the Subscriber Experience

Imagine Communications’ Scott Solovei and Minerva Networks’ Eric Freund host an informative webinar that illustrates how you can bring the world of multiscreen to your subscribers— without large capital investment or complex implementation requirements.

This webinar and Q&A Session:
  • Examines how operators with existing IPTV and cable networks can leverage ABR (adaptive bit rate) technology to extend customer access to multiscreen services.
  • Illustrates how ABR enables Internet Service Providers to offer a full IPTV set-top experience — including the use of unmanaged customer-provided devices — to generate additional revenues in a streamlined and cost effective manner.

For more information on the products and solutions presented in this webinar,
please email Imagine Communications or contact Minerva Networks.



Additional Event Information
  • Training commences at 11am on 1st July and concludes at 2pm on 3rd July. Full agenda coming soon.
  • Closest airport is Heathrow
  • Hotel Accommodation:
    Holiday Inn
    Wharfedale Road
    Winnersh Triangle
    RG41 5TS

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